Scoring System

Game Scoring System  

The player starts with 500 points.  You lose a point for every card selected.  You earn 100 points for every pair of antelope matched.  You earn bonus points when you finish a level.  Earn 100 bonus points for level 1.  Earn 200 bonus points for level 2.  Earn 300 bonus points for level 3.  Earn 400 bonus points for level 4.  Earn 500 bonus points for level 3 with lions.  Earn 1000 bonus points for level 4 with lions.

Quality of Life Enhancements 

Yesterday's development meeting, Matt showed us various tracking icons that let the player know which regions were completed for each level.  With a few tweaks, the selected tracking icon should be approved next week.  

Turn counter has been added to the game.

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Version 0.10 May 30, 2019

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